The Avengers

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Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and two Iron Man-movies, that is one hell of a setup for the main event. But it finally arrived. The arguably largest cinematic undertaking since The Lord of the Rings (it is, consider the logistics and the immense scope of planning that has gone into making this movie) has reached screens worldwide and I managed to grab some friends for a late night 2d-screening of The Avengers in my town.

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Iron Sky

April 19, 2012 1 comment

ImageFinally! I’m back with a review and it is one of the most anticipated movies I have this year. Achtung good people, the space-nazis are here!

For those of you who are out of the loop. Iron Sky is a low budget Sci-Fi comedy made by the same crazy Finns that gave us Star Wreck, together with co-producers from German and Australian-studios. The plot, if the image isn’t clear enough, revolves around Nazis from the moon and their planned invasion of Earth. Yes, it is a pretty wacky, albeit dark, movie.

So, here’s the knee-jerk reaction from me: It isn’t great, or rather not as good as I maybe hoped for after initially seeing the trailers. That being said, it is far from bad. Read more…

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Quick Update

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Captain America

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Captain America is one of those Marvel characters that I’ve pretty much overlooked during my childhood. Probably because Swedish Marvel didn’t feel the need to include him more than when he crossed paths with Spidey and /or the X-men due to the whole cultural gap between Europe and America. I don’t know.

Still, as I’ve already seen the other pre-avengers movies, I felt that it was necessary to watch the theatrical release of the last of them as well. Quick side-note here: they screened the 3d-version in the largest room at the same time as I was watching it in 2d in the smallest one. The 2d-version had about 40 out of 60 seats sold, the 3d had 43 out of 170 seats. It might just be that I’m not the only one who think 3d is crap nowadays. Read more…

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Ghost, live at Malmöfestivalen

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Papa Emeritus and his ghouls did not disappoint

If I were a responsible person, I would not be writing this. I would, in fact, be fast asleep in my bed as my alarm is supposed to go off in less than five hours. But this is Immediate Review and boy do I have something to review tonight!

If you are not familiar with Ghost, here comes the quick rundown: Progressive old-school rock/metal band which claim that they’ve been sent to earth by Satan on a mission to collect souls for him through commercially viable rock.
Yes, really. Personally, I would just sum them up as the most interesting that has happened to the Swedish metal scene this side of the millennium. Clean vocals, early 80’s sounding heavy metal, and downright evil lyrics.

Silly as it sound, Ghost takes their aesthetics, their sound, and theatrical displays very seriously and makes it work spectacularly in their live show, turning what could’ve been a campy Alice Cooper-ripoff into a proper 60-odd minute long black mass through the combination of the haunting voice of vocalist Papa Emeritus (dressed as a Satanic Zombie-Pope), mosaic-like backdrops, incense-bowls, sampled baby-screams, excellent lighting of the stage, and the five faceless ghouls handling guitars, bass, drums and keyboard. The result was simply riveting and now I kind of regret not seeing them at Wacken as well when I had the chance. I’ve listened to their album Opus Eponymous regularly the last half year or so but it was this concert that really cemented this band as a new deity in my pantheon of heavy metal gods. Through the entire concert I felt torn between wanting to headbang my neck into oblivion and just hang back and try to take in and enjoy every second of the performance on the stage. In fact, my only objection is that I think there is more than enough songs in the Metal scene on the topic of Elizabeth Bathory. Yes it is a great story, and the song Elizabeth is not bad in any way. But the theme has been done to death. Still, this is almost entirely forgiven due to their excellent cover of the Beatles-song Here Comes the Sun which is in this setting twists into a beautiful Luciferian hymn.

All in all, I have to conclude that this was easily one of the best concerts I’ve attended this year so far, maybe not the very best, but definitely somewhere in the top-3. See this band if you have the chance, you will not be disappointed!

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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition [xbox 360]

April 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Just managed to finish off Lost Planet: Extreme Condition this morning, and I have to say that this was a very special experience in my life as a video gamer. Never in my life has a straightforward shooter taken me over a month to play from start to finish.

Was it that long?
Nope, it is 11 missions all in all at about 20-30mins each, so it clocks in at normal length for this sort of game I’d say.

So was it some sort of insane difficulty throughout the game?
No, not really. Unless I was doing some really stupid things in a boss fight I never really felt that threatened during the game. It was very straightforward on medium difficulty.

I didn’t have the spare time to finish the game?
Well.. I have been busy with stuff which sure put the reviewing on the back burner for a while. But not to this degree

So then what? Read more…

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Game of Thrones s01e01

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

In the late 90’s, just when I was beginning to shave on a semi regular basis I found a book in our school library. It was the first half of George R.R Martin’s A Game of Thrones. Why only half a book? Well, where I live it is (or at least was) common practice to split up books in more manageable chunks during the translation-process so that the weary reader would not be intimidated by the massive brick of paper it would normally be. The cover was bland, and the synopsis on the back did not really tell me what kind of fantasy tale this was. But, it was still one of the very few fantasy books in our school library that I hadn’t read yet, and I was coming out of a huge Robert Jordan/David Eddings-phase and felt that I wanted to read something I hadn’t heard any of my fellow fantasy-geeks mention so far.

..And I was hooked! But alas, they only translated the entirety of AGOT and went no further as the Swedish publisher canceled it. So I had to fret and stomp for a year or so until I got my hands on a bookstore that contained the English versions. After that I’ve read them all. And re-read them three or four times more over the years, and will most certainly plow through them all again in preparation for A Dance With Dragons later this year. I still staunchly hail the books as probably the best fantasy has to offer mankind to this date, infuriating a multitude of Tolkien-fans along the way.

So you can imagine how giddy I was a little over two years ago when I first learned that the books would be turned into a TV-series. To say that Christmas came early in 2008 would be a clear understatement.
And now the wait is over!

So what did I think?
I think we’re off to a very good start! I liked pretty much the most of the episode so I feel almost nitpicky when I have to say that upon my first viewing of the episode it was only the lack of violet eyes, and the somewhat anticlimactic scale of the wedding that really rubbed me the wrong way. I will not dwell on the plot in this post either because frankly there isn’t much of it when you have a series-premiere clocking in just under one hour. Sure, the ball is rolling and they ended the episode in a way that would probably make most people scream for more, but the episode is basically all about setting up the pieces and welcoming the viewer to a new world with a lot of new faces.

Speaking of faces, I am so far very pleased with the principal cast and can’t wait to see if this holds up during the next episodes when more characters enters the fray (I’ve got high hopes on young Jack Gleeson as Prince Joffrey). It was not surprising seeing Peter Dinklage and Maisie Williams stealing much of the show this episode considering their characters and I enjoyed Harry Lloyd’s portrayal of the very unpleasant Viserys. However, I was more surprised over how much I enjoyed Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon, a casting choice that left me pretty indifferent at first but turned me into a true believer upon seeing it myself.

So all in all I have to say that this week started of really well and I look forward to discussing the series with my very diverse set of nerdy friends the coming weeks.

Links and stuff!
Game of Thrones official homepage on HBO
Winter is Coming, my official fix of all things GoT during the last two years
Game of Thrones IMDB

P.s I’m on team Bronn if anyone was wondering

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